Arian Rad

UI/UX Designer & Web Visual Designer

I'm a Designer for 5+ Years; Half in Tradional Adversing and Half in Web. From Branding to Visual Graphics and Web UI/UX. Worked on Web and App's UI. Hardware engineering is what I studied in university but Tendency to graphics bring me to graphic and UI/UX Designing. Currently I'm Working On BPMN Software and focusing on dynamic and auto-generated UI experiences.


UI/UX Designer

@ Rashasoft (Fanap)

Rashasoft developes a great BSS platform which contains a lot of dynamic forms and widgets. And Also we used BPMN standards due creating the platform.

February 2018 - Present

Senior Graphic Designer And UI/UX Designer

@ Clickyab

Clickyab's an Online Advertising System that works on many medias like Web Display ads, Mobile ads and Video (VAST). I designed Advertising Creatives for great companies like Duracel, LG, Samsung, Huawei,... And I also designed PWA version of Jabeh's Video Sharing Service which presented by Clickyab.

February 2016 - February 2018

Graphic Designer

@ Peyk-e Bartar

Worked as a designer in Peyk-e Bartar was a good experience. I made a lot of creatives for great companies.

September 2015 - January 2016

Co Founder

@ Nimbit

Nimbit published a lot of Applications in Bazaar Marketplace like Graph which remained 3 weeks in Editor's Choice page of the market.

March 2013 - October 2014

Web Designer And Web Admin

@ Lucky Laptop

Lucky Laptop was a LLC company in Dubai which had a team in Iran to build a eCommerce Website for Dubai Market

February 2011 - February 2013



Application's I Use Everyday
UX Workflow
  • First Idea
  • Problem Solving, Survey, Project Management
  • Sketch Ideas, Wireframe, Prototype, Inspiration Research
  • Testing, Implementation
  • Testing, Implementation
  • Designing Language Design, Color Palette
  • Designing Pages By Wireframes
  • A/B Testing & Improve


I really like complex UX problems and I also like to Design Branding Landings which you have to use a lot of creativity on them

I'm miles away from being a geek but I like Star Wars, Comic Books, Movies, UX Books